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Çıralı - Phaselis - Tahtalı Mountain (2365 m) with a new cableway - Çıralı

The Olimpos Beydağlari National Park is a conservation area of great natural beauty and historical importance. With a length of 4,350 meters, the Tahtali Aerial Cableway is the longest in Europe - a highlight for every tourist trip to the region, before or after visiting the ancient city of Phaselis.

Çıralı – Yanartaş

Discover Mount Chimera - locally known as Yanartaş - and situated approximately a half-hour by walk from our Pension.

Legend has it that it was here that the Greek hero Bellerophon conquered the fire-breathing Chimera with the help of his flying horse Pegasus. The mountain is characterized by vents of flaming gas.

Weekly Market in Kumluca or Kemer

Every Friday (Kumluca) and every Monday (Kemer) we can take you to traditional weekly markets.

Boat Tours

Boat tours start daily from Çıralı Beach to a variety of beautiful locations, sailing along the unspoil coast to some of the unique and breathtaking wonders of the Mediterranean.

All boat tours depart at around 10:00 am and return around 05.00 pm. Free lunch is included in the price.

Tour 1: This tour follows the lonely and magical coast line to Porto Ceneviz, Çoban Limani and Sazak. Opportunities for swimming and snorkelling.

Tour 2: Takes you to the Three Islands (Üç Adalar) - a diver’s paradise. Then on to Atbükü, Maden Bay (lunch), Karaburun and back to Çıralı.

Tour 3: Offers a visit to the ancient port of Phaselis, known for its beautiful location, and then on to the famous Three Islands (Üç Adalar) and the Bay of Maden.

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