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Çıralı is a true paradise for those seeking an active holiday. The village is surrounded by groves of orange and lemon trees and numerous sites of historical importance, such as Mount Chimera with its eternal fire and the ruins of the ancient port of Olympos.


The port of Olympos, first mentioned in the 2nd century B.C., was one of the largest and most important cities of the Lycian League. The ancient city lies at the western end of Çıralı bay and takes its name from Mount Olympus (known locally as Tahtalı) which is 2,365 m high and lies only 20 km from the village. Mount Tahtalı is one of over 20 mountains in Anatolia and Greece officially recognized as the seat of the ancient Greek gods.

The ruins of Olympos cover an area on both sides of a valley. The ancient city can be reached by walk from either the beach or through the forests in about 30-40 minutes.

Yanartaş-Chimera (eternal flame) - A unique experience

It takes just a 30 minute walk from the Emek Pension to the mystical Mount Chimera, locally known as Yanartaş.

This place is the subject of many legends, the most spectacular of which is the one of the Greek hero Bellerophon and his flying horse Pegasus, who together conquered the fire-spitting monstrous chimera. The flames erupting from the side of the mountain today are seen as evidence of the might of the monster.

The Lycians built a temple on the mountain in honour of Hephaestus and Mitra, which was later transformed into a Christian monastery.

Pick up a book and a bottle of wine, when twilight invites you to immerse into the depths of this majestic landscape and enjoy your wine in honour of the hero Bellerophon.


An old historian said: “When asked where the worst people of Pamphylia (Antalya region) live, I’d suggest in Side. But regarding the whereabouts of the world’s worst people, I’d say in Phaselis.”

Phaselis was one of the major ports of eastern Lycia in the Hellenistic period. It became a bishopric in late Roman times.

Phaselis was famous for its three natural harbours. Phaselis was used in 332 B.C. by Alexander the Great on his way to conquer the territories of the Persian Empire.

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